Search Marketing (SEO) Services

Our search marketing campaigns are focus on helping you earn more leads, increasing conversion rate, and of course, increasing search engine rankings so that you can draw in more traffic. Earning traffic with our search marketing campaigns includes optimization through organic traffic, as well as paid search (PPC) if warranted.
There are a lot of SEO firms out there, but not many of them genuinely care about your bottom line. That’s where Heroic Search is different.

We consider the people we do business with strategic partners, not clients. Therefore, if you don’t succeed in earning more business, we feel that we haven’t done our job. It’s not solely about rankings or traffic, it’s about you making more money and growing your business.

Because we focus all our efforts on your business receiving a positive return on investment, that’s how we build our SEO campaigns. Our strategies and reporting are based on the key performance indicators that matter most to your business. We don’t see the need in blowing smoke up your a** with numbers and jargon that is over your head or doesn’t matter.

Because every business is different, they’re going to need different types of services at different stages. That is why we offer a suite of services, all of which are designed to be cost effective and custom to your business.

Full SEO Campaign
A full SEO campaign is by far the most popular choice of new clients. You’re busy running your own business, you just need some help making it better. That’s where we come in. We’ll take time to understand your business and your goals and then execute a strategic campaign around your website/brand. This type of campaign doesn’t just include SEO, we incorporate content marketing heavily as well as PR tactics to earn those valuable mentions.

SEO Audits
It’s hard to know what to do if you don’t know where to start. That’s where a comprehensive SEO audit comes into play. An audit isolates key areas of your website that need improvement. Looking at your on-page optimization, back link profile, and technical aspects of your site all generally reveal areas that, if improved, serve as “quick wins” to help your website’s overall performance.

Keyword Research
You can learn on-page optimization. You can learn how to build a link. Keyword research on the other hand, is something that even seasoned SEO providers sometimes have a tough time getting right. To really nail down solid keywords for your SEO campaign, we follow a multi-step refining process that takes into account the “supply and demand” factor of the terms that are relevant to your business, and we match that with the intent of the searcher. What’s left is traffic-generating keyword list(s) that you can be proud of.

Competitive Analysis
Ever wonder why a competitor is out ranking you in the search engines? Of course you have. What our competitive analysis does is let you look behind the scenes of what a competitor is doing with their SEO campaign. This behind the scenes look has two main advantages, it illustrates the strong and weak points that your competitor has in their campaign, and shows you any holes that your site may have that’s preventing competitive rankings.

Link Development
In the instance that you need just link building done, this is the option for you. Unlike other agencies who use low quality link building tactics that leave your site open to penalties by the search engines, we pride ourselves on building links that stand the test of time and benefit your business positively. We do this through outreach, content marketing, and digital PR.

Strategy Oversight
Perhaps you’re looking for someone to keep an eye on (or create) your SEO campaign, but not necessarily execute it? No problem, we can help. We’re great at seeing the big picture of marketing efforts and how they should positively impact you.

No matter what your specific SEO needs are, we have helped a diverse set of clients achieve their goals, now it’s your turn. Contact us today and let’s start improving your bottom line, together.

Content Marketing Services

You already more than likely know who your target market is, but if you’re having a hard time with strategy and turning those leads into paying customers, we can help. Content marketing overlaps significantly with digital PR, and by combining the two efficiently through email outreach, social amplification, and sometimes even paid content advertising, we can systematically get your content in front of the right audience at the right time.

Content Strategy Development
Developing a strategy for content means that we get to know your brand intimately. We take the time to understand the tone, style, and overall personality of not only your brand, but your target audience as well.

Once we have a good grasp on this, we work with you to create content campaigns that are designed to pull your audience in and keep them engaged.

Content Creation
During the content creation phase we take great care to think about how we’re going to leverage the final product. For instance, if we’ve compiled a large amount of survey data for a newsworthy post, we may plan to coordinate the release with industry journalists so they can write about it as well.

Content Promotion
Once the content is polished and published, we turn our eye to promoting said content. We employ a variety of tactics to push the content out – social media, digital PR, paid advertising are all strategies that we use during this phase.

Measuring Efforts
We track conversations, shares, revenue, and links earned to make sure we know the effectiveness of each content marketing campaign. The results are reported back to you, and we both decide where future campaigns need improvement.

This process has resulted in major wins for our clients. Everything from placement in national publications, to dozens of new links for a single blog post. What does your content marketing process look like?

Digital Public Relations

Combining several of our skill sets – Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, and regular “old fashioned” PR — we work to find leads and opportunities that might be getting lost in the noise of emails, posts, and tweets. These digital PR opportunities could be anything from interview spots on local media, to speaking events in other parts of the world.

In a world where 2 million blog posts are published per day, 21 million tweets are sent per hour, and 4.2 million new websites are built on a monthly basis, how are you supposed to cut through the noise to get your message out?

Digital PR combines several different skill sets – SEO, social media, content marketing, as well as good ol’ fashioned public relations. But in a world where the news cycle is 24 hours and leads can easily get drowned out by the mounds of posts, tweets, and emails, you need to be able to find the valuable opportunities and capitalize on them in a timely manner. That’s where we come in.

Our digital PR services are designed specifically to reach into this busy highway of information and pick out the opportunities for exposure that fit your brand. We do this by keeping relationships with journalists in various industries, as well monitoring popular mediums for press attention like social media, newsletters, as well as blogs.

Strategies like this have landed clients on local, regional, and national forums that have also transcended into the offline world with print media, as well as television.

If you would like to hear more about how our digital PR services might be of use to you, give us a shout using the form below and put us to work.